Channelling Spirit To Energetically Bring Harmony, Peace & Love... 

Imagine... If You Were Given A Message So Powerful It Profoundly Changed Your Life... FOREVER! 

And You Knew That Message HAD To Be Shared With The World … So The Truth Was Told... 


My name is Shirley Lambert, and I’m a spiritualist medium, author and speaker, living in beautiful Torquay often referred to as the English Riviera.

Let me begin by my asking you if you ever wonder about any of the following: 

How DOES The Spirit World View Our Life Today? 

What Do THEY See As The Future Of Our Planet? 

What DOES Happen When We Die? 

Does Spirit Have A Message For YOU? 

These are the questions many people have at the back of their minds whilst they go about their busy day. And I was no different. I went about my life, went to my job and enjoyed my family life.

But spirit had other plans for me (they choose you, you don’t choose them). And so began my communications with the Spirit World... somewhat adhoc at the start, but this trickle of information soon became a river of words...

And what I was being told was to write down every single important message I received, and share this in a book for the world to KNOW the truth.

At first, probably like you are now, I was skeptical at some of the information I received. I did question ‘why me’ but the Spirit World has its own reason for who they choose to work with, and what that role will be. I feel privileged they've chosen to work with me.

However, to feel confident in what I was being told, I decided that every message I received, I’d research religiously for proof to support what was being given to me. I visited historic buildings, researched libraries and the internet to check dates, details, names and anything I could to support the information.

“I couldn't put this book down until I’d read it cover to cover. Shirley effortlessly weaves together the spiritual and scientific aspects in her conversations with spirit. The Spiritual Truths is a shocking and alarming reminder of how precious and vulnerable our world is, and how easily deceived we are by those in power. If you care about the future of this planet and the environment for our children in the generations to come … this book will provoke you to asking questions... and wanting to take action...”
Wendy Howard, Spirit of Venus Ltd.

Cover01jpegThe more I researched, each piece of the puzzle started to fit together … and I was told by spirit I had to write it all up into a book “Spiritual Truths” to share with the world … giving insight into the future of the planet and humankind … and the dire warnings we need to heed BEFORE it is to late… and the secrets which are kept from our knowledge by those people in power we place our trust in.

The Spirit World dictated, and I wrote the words... it’s that simple.

Their message is a serious plea from the Spirit World to take notice of what is REALLY going on in our world... and what is being HIDDEN from us... to the detriment of the planet and our future generations...

It is an honour and my duty to share these conversations with you … in the exact words given to me by spirit... order my Book, Spiritual Truths today, and discover what it is you MUST know... and help spread the words of Spiritual Truths.

With Love & Light

Shirley Lambert

P.S. Your answers as to what happens when you die, and what life is like in the Spirit World and how your duty matters... is all shared in the “Spiritual Truths”. Order your copy today.