shirley-lambertMy name is Shirley Lambert, and I'm a spiritualist medium, author and speaker, living in beautiful Torquay often referred to as the English Riviera.

Originally I'm from Ruislip, Middlesex. I had a happy childhood, but the loss of my father when I was eight years old, hit me very hard. My mum remarried and my second dad was a lovely man, a good father to me and a great granddad to my two children. I married for the second time in 1986, to someone that I had known for many years, he is my best friend and soul-mate.

Prior to moving to Devon over ten years ago, my only link with spirit was having dreams, which were really premonitions. I’d know if someone close was going to pass over and go back to spirit. I’d receive warnings, one such clear event was my dear mother’s passing. Luckily they were few and far between!

In many ways, I didn’t think I was different to anyone else as many people are in tune with spirit in similar ways but don’t think of themselves as being ‘gifted’. I didn’t either, but … one of the things I was soon to discover is that spirit chooses who and when they work with, you don’t choose to work with spirit.

Spirit chooses who, they work with …  not the other way around … 

In 2003 after an invitation from a spiritualist friend, I began to attend a local spiritualist church. It was then that I started to receive messages from the spiritual world. At first, these were quite muddled and not clear, a bit like trying to tune to a radio station, but you can’t quite get a clear reception.

Because of this communication, I decided to follow my heart and open up to the Spirit World by working through the spiritualist church system. This enabled me to learn how to work with spirit and greatly improve my communication with the Spirit World. In time, I began to work on platform in spiritualist churches and within church groups.

Unbeknown to me at this time, the Spirit World had steered me in this direction so I’d receive the training necessary to do the work they had in mind for me. Also, to meet the special people who would help me with this work, including Sandra who is a Psychic Medium and who, when you read my book or listen to my audios you will meet her and know just how important she is in helping me in my work today.

How does the Spirit World communicate?

We all work with the spiritual world in different ways, depending on how we receive information and for what purpose. For instance, when someone communicates with me, I ‘feel’ their presence beside me. It is very tangible. They feel as if they are standing right next to me in person. In fact, at times, I have to ask them to stand back as they are so close. I also feel the emotions they felt in the physical world, which, at times I have to ask them to take away this emotion because it is almost too much to bear.

The communication I receive means that I can give a clear description of the person, what they are wearing, colours of clothing, and any special items which may have personal meaning. I am given messages to pass on to people, which will have meaning to them personally.

What is so important in the URGENT and UNIQUE messages received in today’s communication with spirit?

In my communication with spirit, it soon became clear as to their true intention of the work they had in store for me.

It began when I sensed that I needed to ask Sandra to work through channeling with me. In the beginning, she would ask me questions and I would channel the messages I received. Sandra would write the answers down and we would verify the information by checking dates, and anything relevant such as a place name, or an event. However, very soon I realized I was able to give Sandra an answer to the question, even before she’d ask me.

We gave up writing down answers in this slow methodical way, and the energies balanced to allow a conversation, which could be recorded.

The urgency and concerns of the spirit world for the future of our planet … and the secrets withheld from the population by the powers that be … are not only incredible … but as you will discover, are disturbingly detrimental to our very existence.

The Spirit World requested that I document these messages into a book to share with the world, so everyone will know the truth.

It is ONLY by knowing the TRUTH that as individuals we will be protected, to be in a position whereby we can GUARANTEE a future for ourselves, our children and our beautiful, but increasingly fragile world.


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