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I have spoken to some wonderful people on the spirit side. The mode of communication was chosen and facilitated by them; It was entirely their decision. The journey they took me on to write this book, at times, has taken my breath away. Dire warnings mixed with memories from a life long gone, ordinary folk to well-known names have all reached out. They all have a tale to tell. In this talk you will discover fascinating insights into past lives – and the channelled messages too powerful to ignore!


How do I work with spirit? How did all this begin? There are so many Mediums working with spirit, and they all have their own method of communication. Many of us begin in the same basic way, but after that the Spirit World has their own agenda for each and every one of us. In this talk you will discover a deeper understanding of the Spirit World and their way of communicating with us. 


Does our view of historical events match that of the Spirit World?

People such as Hughes de Payens have strong opinions.  And imagine having a conversation with Leonardo de Vinci or Michelangelo and how they view events from the past. In this talk you will gain insight into past lives and how the Spirit World views past events as well as their perspective on our life today.

GLASTONBURY SECRETS – What the Guides don’t tell you!

Glastonbury is a place surrounded by history and myth, but what is the truth? Can a truth be found when it is hidden under centuries of time? I went in search of my Glastonbury, maybe it will be yours as well. Let’s find out! In this talk you will discover many of the hidden secrets of this spiritual oasis.